DIRECTIONS:  Use the links to explore--through pictures, documents and audio/video clips--what life was like in 1930's America.  While you explore, take notes on key features related to daily life, hardships, politics, science and technology, race relations, arts and culture, fashion, etc.  Notes should be neatly handwritten on a new page in your notebooks.  Notes must be in your own words.  Include the websites where you found information.  Twenty thoughtful, detailed notes minimum.  Notes will be used for a graded writing piece on Monday, January 7.

Begin with at least one of these sites:

•  A Photo Essay on the Great Depression (photos and captions from around the country) 

•  American Cultural History 1930-1939 (gives overview of history with links and resources)

•  The American Experience (photo gallery with captions from PBS)

•  The Dust Bowl of the 1930s (short article plus audio/video clips from people who experienced it)

• Life in the 1930s (gives overview of miseries, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, John Dillinger, and the Bonus Army)


Then you may choose from the sites below.  Sites are organized by topic.  You must explore sites from at least two different topic groupings.


1930s overview

•  1930s Events Timeline

•  1930s photos (google search results)

•  1930s Farm Life (text, pictures and audio about farm life in 1930 Nebraska)

•  The Dust Bowl (video clip)

•  Going to School in the 1930s (a blog from someone who lived it)

•  Children of the Great Depression (photos)


1930s Alabama

•  1930s Alabama photos (google search results)


African Americans in the 1930s

•  1930s African American photos (google search results)

•  What was Jim Crow? (article exploring Jim Crow laws and their impact on life of African Americans)

•  Scottsboro Boys rape trial (overview of history of black youths falsely accused of raping white women)

•  History of segregation in Alabama (overview of segregation from 1800s on)

•  Of Another Fashion (photos of fashion for women of color in the 1930s)


Asian Americans in the 1930s

•  1930s Asian American photos (google search results)

•  Asian Pacific American Timeline:  1930-1939 (features key news events for Asian Americans in the 1930s)

•  Chinatown:  De Facto Segregation (an overview of segregation of Asian Americans in San Francisco in the 1930s)

•  The Great Depression in Washington State (article)


Latino Americans in the 1930s

•  1930s Mexican Deportation (news article)

•  Some stories hard to get into history books (news article)

•  U.S. urged to apologize for 1930s deportations (news article)


Native Americans in the 1930s

•  1930s Native American photos (google search results)

•  The Great Depression in Washington State (article)

•  The Removal of Indians in San Diego (article)

Women in the 1930s

•  1930s women--photos (google search results)

•  Of Another Fashion (photos of fashion for women of color in the 1930s)

•  The Women Were Fearless (article about working women in the 1930s)

•  What Ten Million Women Want (by Eleanor Roosevelt) (1932 article)

•  Women of the 1930s (a highlight of key women in national roles with links to further info)

•  Working Women of the 1930s (article)