Phy. Ed 6 Syllabus

Ramsey Middle School                 

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: In Physical Education, Students will participate in coordination and sport, fitness, cooperative, and lifetime activities. These opportunities will address movement skill and knowledge, physical fitness, personal and social behavior, and the value of living a physically active lifestyle. Students will also have an opportunity to work as a team, develop and refine previously learned skills, learn new concepts in fitness development, and assess their own active lifestyle.  


The majority of your grade in this class will be based off of your participation, not how well you are at a game/activity. Do your best!



Example Units in Physical Education may include but are not limited to:


-                Basketball                                         - Football

-                Volleyball                                           - Cooperative Games

-                Badminton                                        - Floor Hockey

-                Soccer                                               - Recreational Games

-                Fitness Testing                                - Baseball/Softball




Gym Shoes & ipad



The majority of work will be done in class.




Students may revise their work or re-take a learning target assessment in order to demonstrate increased learning. Before re-taking an assessment students will be asked to demonstrate additional practice on the learning target, and the assessment may occur in a different format than the original assessment. All re-do’s, retakes, and revisions are due by two weeks within the end of the unit.










The purpose of standards-based grading is to align grading with the mastery of state content standards as measured by consistent student achievement data and common criteria for grading. The primary goal of SBG is to better communicate what each student knows and is able to do, as well as to inform the teacher, student, and parent what may be next steps for areas for growth. At Ramsey Middle School, standards-based learning targets are assessed on a 4 point scale to indicate the proficiency level at which the student has mastered the learning target.


NE= no evidence

1= not proficient

2= partially proficient

3= proficient

4= exemplary

NA= not assessed