Advisory is going over some important and difficult topics with students. We are doing our best to create a safe and welcoming environment for all students.

Cyber-Bullying: Cyber-bullying was discussed at the beginning of the year, through a series of lessons & apps, and a mission pack on MyMPS. All students had to do this. There were discussions and prompts before and after related to cyber-bullying.

Anti-Bullying: One week before spring break, we worked through lesson 6 from second step about anti-bullying. Based off of these lessons, we watched videos, defined terms, and discussed how to improve this at RMS.

Sexual Harassment: The last two weeks we have been doing lesson 7 from second step about sexual harassment. We have discussed definitions of respect, personal space & sexual harassment, and sexual harassment myths vs. facts. In addition, students filled out notecards of what types of sexual harassment they have seen or heard.

Last week, 8th grade’s Advisory lessons focused on making Ramsey a slur-free school. We read anonymous comments about incidents of hate speech students have heard or experienced and then did definitions, discussions and role plays to deepen our understanding of offensive language and its repercussions. We brainstormed ways students can be upstanders, anti-racist allies, mediators and whistle-blowers. Finally, each class signed a "Slur Free School" pledge.