Course Information

Grade 7 English Language Development – Justice Page Middle School

Description: In this course, students work to develop their skills in vocabulary, literacy, and critical thinking to support communication and learning in all content areas. It is the research-informed opinion of our district that this learning is just as valid in a self-contained language-learning classroom and in core content classrooms.

Students are intentionally placed in language development class according to English proficiency level. This allows students to collaboratively develop their English skills at a pace that best fits their learning styles and needs. The primary goal of this separate English language development class is to foster academic language and achievement in English through instruction and routines that align with grade-level standards. 

To meet particular student needs in core content classes, certain content material and collaboration with content teachers is also incorporated into the course.

Learning Targets: Daily language learning targets across the four language domains—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—will be posted in our classroom with the objective for the day. These daily targets will support students in progressing towards mastery of the long-term targets.

  • Listening: Students will listen to English from peers, their teachers, and other media sources (ex: news broadcasts, social conversation, formal interviews, speeches, etc.). The purpose of these listening activities is to enhance comprehension of spoken English.
  • Speaking: Students will converse with one another in an academic setting. This includes class discussions, group work, presentations, and speeches.
  • Reading: Students will read a variety of texts, with an emphasis on nonfiction and news articles, but also including short stories, poetry, and literature. Skill building will focus on comprehension and fluency.
  • Writing: Students will write daily, working towards mastery of narratives, based on what they have heard, discussed, and read. 

Materials: binder with loose-leaf paper, student planner, pencils, independent reading book (!!!)

Homework: Because work in this course emphasizes collaboration with peers, as well as supports core content classes, homework will be minimal. Homework may be assigned if students need more time to complete an in-class assignment. Other activities to be completed at home include interviews with families on debate topics.

Late Work: Late work is only accepted if there has been an absence or if a student discusses and arranges an extension with the teacher for circumstances in which more work time is needed.

Assessment: Students are required to demonstrate progress and growth on the annual WIDA test. To support this requirement, students will demonstrate progress and growth on curriculum-embedded assignments and class activities in the four language domains.

Standards-based grading:  Assignment grades will be based on the JPS 4-point Standards-Based Grading Scale. The Student/Parent Portal then translates those grades into overall letter grades.  Please see the separate handout about SBG and letter grades for details.

The learning objective is for all students to reach proficiency level (3), meaning they are demonstrating appropriate language skills aligned with language learning targets in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The expectation for student work in seventh grade is high and work is rigorous, and the goal is for all students to be able to celebrate their successes, wherever they may be.


Exceeds Standards


Meets Standards


Partially Meets Standards


Does Not Meet Standards


No Evidence

Students demonstrate an advanced understanding and application of content materials.

Students have mastered the expected targeted knowledge for a specific learning target.  

Students show progress toward understanding the learning target, but have not yet mastered content knowledge.

Students have foundational or limited understanding of material but need more time, work, and assistance to butter understand the concepts.

Students show no understanding or no evidence of material.









Retakes and revising policy:  Students may revise their work or re-take a learning target assessment in order to demonstrate increased learning on assessments (long-term learning targets). Before re-taking an assessment, students must discuss with the teacher and will be asked to demonstrate additional practice on the learning target before re-assessing. The re-assessment may occur in a different format than the original assessment.  All retakes, and revisions are due by two weeks within the end of the unit.

Accessing Work from Home: Assignments can be found as an attached document on Parent Portal (for hard copy assignments) or on MyMPS (Course Title: ELL Elective 2018) using MPS student username and password for electronic-based assignments.

Parent Involvement: Families of students are always welcome in the classroom to observe and/or share their knowledge on class topics or any language!