Everyone at Ramsey signs on to a student-created Social Contract to help guide them throughout the year. When students break this contract, Ramsey uses the “Take a Break” system to help students get back on track.  For more serious disruptions, there are more serious consequences (see District Policies below.) In addition to the Social Contract, there are other areas such as the lunch room that will have specific rules to follow.

Social Contract

At the beginning of the year, Advisories determine, via consensus, the rules that will help them achieve their "Hopes and Dreams." Representatives from each advisory then meet to decide on the 3 - 5 school rules that students will follow for that year. Advisories go through this Social Contract and what it looks like, sounds like and feels like in the classroom, lunchroom, hallways, auditoriums, common spaces, field trips, etc…Social Contracts are posted in rooms and used to remind students to stay on task.

Consequences/Take a Break

In class, if students break the community's Social Contract, possibly impacting everyone’s hopes & dreams, they will “take a break” to reflect on their actions. Each class has a designated spot in the classroom to reflect on their actions. If students cannot get back on task, a joiner will be called to help them process and adjust your behavior. Repeated instances will result in a referral.

District Policies

If you would like to know more about Minneapolis Public Schools Discipline Policy, please go to: http://policy.mpls.k12.mn.us/uploads/policy_5200_2014.pdf. In addition, Minneapolis Public Schools has a “Discipline Grid” to better explain the policy: http://policy.mpls.k12.mn.us/uploads/levels_of_behavior_chart.pdf.

Materials in School/Classroom

  • Locks/Lockers: Students will be given a lock and a locker on the first day, neither should be shared with anybody. If a student loses this, we ask that they contribute $5.00 to reimburse the school
  • Bring to Class: Students should have a writing utensil (pen/pencil), something upon which to write (paper/notebook), their planner and an iPad. All these materials should be in a 3-ring binder. Ear buds are sometimes useful, but should not be taken out unless permitted by teachers.
  • Do Not Bring To Class: Things that should be stored in your locker and not seen in class are:
    • Backpacks & outdoor clothing such as hats and jackets.
    • Cell: Your phone is your responsibility, if you choose to bring it to school. Cell phones must be stored in your locker during the school day including passing time, lunch and movement. If you have a cell phone out during the school day, the following will happen:
      • First offense: Phone will be taken by a staff member and brought to the office. Student will receive the phone at the end of the day.
      • Second offense: Phone will be taken by the staff and kept in the office until a parent/guardian conference has taken place at school
    • Other personal electronic devices
    • Anything that may distract from learning.
  • NEVER bring to school
    • Weapons, including look-alike weapons.
    • Gang/drug related clothing.
    • Money, unless it is for a school activity.
    • Food, pop or candy outside of student’s lunch
    • Perfumes or colognes – be respectful of students who may be allergic


A dress code helps set the tone of the school. Administration reserves the right to determine what is appropriate for school. Students whose clothing does not meet the dress code will be required to change clothing. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, saggy pants or other clothing that exposes underwear or midriffs
  • Clothing must be of sufficient length (knuckle length) and fit for proper coverage while engaged in normal activities of walking, standing, sitting and leaning. 
  • Hats, bandanas, hoods, pajamas, and doo rags are not allowed. 
  • Articles of clothing that display wording related to alcohol, drugs, or gang related association, are strictly prohibited or as determined inappropriate by staff.
  • Outerwear—coats, gloves, hats, etc.—is not worn in the classrooms and should be left in lockers.

Emergency Drills

We will follow the district recommended drill practice. We will do announced and unannounced drills. We will practice 5 fire drills and 5 lockdowns in a variety of times during the school day.

Lunch and Movement

Students are responsible for keeping their lunch table and area clean. They will be dismissed by the staff for movement outside when the entire table is clean. Dress for the weather. All students will go out to movement every day.


Whether it is coming and going to school daily or on a field trip or athletic bus, students are expected to follow the Minneapolis Public Schools Bus Policy:

  • School Bus Safety Rules:
    • Stay out of the “Danger Zones” outside the bus.
    • Follow driver’s instructions.
    • Be on time. 
    • Always SIT DOWN.
    • Be courteous. No fighting, swearing or yelling.
    • Keep your bus clean. Do not damage the bus. 
    • Keep your head and arms inside the bus windows.
    • No pets or dangerous objects.
  • School Bus Behavior Violation Consequences:
    • 1st Violation: Conference with the student and written warning
    • 2nd Violation: Suspension from the bus for up to three days. Students are expected to attend school and provide their own transportation.


For more information about absences, please go to that section. If students are late a few minutes to class, they should give their passes to the teacher and get right to work. If they do not have a pass:

  • They will be marked tardy.
  • Upon the 2nd tardy, students will have to conference with that teacher.
  • After the 3rd tardy, school will call the student's home.
  • For the 4th tardy, students will be required to serve lunch detention.