Family Involvement: Volunteering, Site Council, & PTA


Ramsey values volunteers immensely. Volunteers allow our school to provide great opportunities and run smoothly. Ramsey is committed to parent volunteers. Ramsey staff will have structures in place for volunteering to make volunteering easy and meaningful for those who volunteer. Staff will communicate well in advance when needing volunteers. Volunteers will feel welcome and appreciated when volunteering at/with Ramsey. Volunteer opportunities will have a job description which clearly lays out what the volunteer will be doing, where, when and for how long they will be doing it.

If you are volunteering we recommend that you follow the district protocol here: Also, if you are volunteering in classrooms, you should sign into the main office when you arrive at the school.

Signing Up

Signup Genius is the electronic sign up form Ramsey uses for its volunteer opportunities. Usually there is a link to Signup Genius whenever a volunteer opportunity is advertised on the Ramsey Website in the Around the Horn newsletter. The PTA website also has a link. You will need to create an account. Once that’s done you’ll be able to sign up for the volunteer opportunities that interest you and you will receive an email reminder when your event draws near.

Volunteer opportunities with the school include: field trips; Intersession; 6th grade Math Competition; History Day; Potlucks; 6th Grade Orientation; Welcome Back Night; etc.

Volunteer Needs

On-going opportunities:

  • Spirit Wear: sold during special events; concerts; open house; pot-luck; etc.
  • Landscape: pots by 50th Street door (changed seasonally); garden beds around the school.
  • Morning greeters/music: morning greeters volunteer mornings from 8:00-8:30 at one of the two doors the kids use to enter the school (Nicollet and 49th Street). They welcome the kids with a cheery “good morning” and “have a great day!”. The musicians volunteer mornings form 8:10-8:30. This is an acoustic gig for local musicians be they Ramsey students, parents, teachers, friends or community members.
  • Teacher Treat Day: the first Wednesday of the month; bring in a treat or a snack to say “thank you” to our hard working teachers: fruit and veggies highly recommended. 
  • Space Improvement and Building Displays: help make & keep Ramsey a beautiful, inspiring, and welcoming space for students, staff, and families.
  • PTA officers: Co-Chairs; Treasurer; Secretary; Fundraising Lead.

One-time opportunities: see the Ramsey calendar (, “Around the Horn”, and/or the PTA website ( for a variety of opportunities that arise throughout the year.

Site Council

All Minneapolis Public Schools have Site Councils to support site based decision making to increase academic outcomes for our students. MPS values family and community members as active partners in reviewing funding, policies, practices and programs at our schools. Site Councils are a way that parents and community members can learn what is happening in their school and influence decisions.

It is important for Site Councils to reflect the student population of the schools to ensure a diversity of ideas and input. These are some common activities that Site Councils do to increase student achievement:

  • Advise the school principal or site administrator on school based decisions.
  • Review and advise the school staff on the School Improvement Plans (SIP) which outlines specific goals the school will achieve to increase academic outcomes for students.
  • Review and help develop the Family Involvement Plan (FIP)
  • Review and provide guidance on the use of Title I funds and Compensatory Revenue to ensure it is being used as intended and in a way that increases outcomes.
  • Advise the principal on the use of the school budget to ensure that the goals outlined in the SIP are achieved.
  • Communicate with the school community about what is happening at Site Council an other things affecting the school.
  • Hosting a meeting with the full school community about what is happening at the school and taking in advice and ideas on how to continue to improve outcomes for all students.


The mission of the Ramsey PTA is to provide support and financial resources to enrich the quality of education for all Ramsey students and to foster relationships among the school, families and the community. To this end, the PTA coordinates fundraising efforts at the school and chairs several committees to support teachers and staff.

PTA meets once a month (usually the first Tuesday of every month) from 6:30-8:30pm in the Media Center. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. We value your insights, time and ideas.

The following is a listing of the committees that the PTA chairs and the fundraising efforts of the PTA :

  • Yearlong Committees: Officers, Media Center; Landscape; Spirit Wear; Webmaster;  Yearbook; Fundraising; Volunteer Coordinator; Arts Boosters; Space Improvement and Building Displays; and Greeters and Morning Musicians; Treats for Teachers
  • One-time Committees: Teacher Appreciation Kick Off; 6th Grade Parent Welcome; Welcome Back Coffee; Twice Yearly Cleanup; Directory; Picture Day; Walk to School Treats Host; Dance Snack Shopper; Give to the Max ($); Scholastic Book Fair ($); Battle of the Bands ($); Plant Sale ($); Movie Night; Teacher Appreciation Lunch; Conference Dinner; Twins Tickets; Spirit Wear sales; Cheer zones ($); Pie Day Potluck; Cinco de Mayo Celebration; 8th Grade Events (Dance, Ceremony and Reception)
  • The President and Vice President are responsible for assisting Student Council, planning school events, and helping to set the event calendar. The current leadership for Ramsey PTA can be found on the PTA website, here:


The Ramsey PTA ( coordinates all fundraising at Ramsey. Fundraising at Ramsey is done to supplement programing that is not funded by the state, district or federal government. It is not a way to purchase programing/staff positions that are funded through the state or the district. The Ramsey PTA has a fundraising philosophy: your kids are busy enough with school, sports, music, friends...just being a kid. We’d rather they didn’t spend their time going door-to- door selling candy, magazines, popcorn, wrapping get the idea. The fundraising opportunities you will be seeing over the course of the year focus more on parent and community involvement and support. Help us maintain and build a vital, community-based middle school at Ramsey and watch your children thrive!

  • Stand-Alone Events: Fundraising is done through stand-alone events such as Give the the Max, Monster Dash, Battle of the Bands and Ramsey Rendezvous. Ramsey Rendezvous are social fundraising events that are hosted and run by volunteers. Anyone can volunteer to host an event and the skies are the limit in terms of creativity. Of course, attending a Ramsey Rendezvous is also a great way to donate your time and money to a great cause!
  • “Passive” Fundraising: The following options are available to help Ramsey raise money:
    • Kowalski’s: drop your receipt into the Ramsey box
    • box tops: there is a drop off bucket on the table by the office. Ramsey receives $.10 for each box top donated.

Where does the money go? Money raised at Ramsey goes to supplement programming, events, individual teacher classrooms, arts, sports, student activity scholarships, etc. Teachers who are needing funds must fill out a PTA Fund Request Form and go through the PTA fund request process.