Ramsey Field Studies

Ramsey Middle School Field Studies and Class Trips Policy

The purpose of Ramsey field studies and class trips are: 1) educational experiences; 2) community building experiences

Educational field studies: Team teachers may choose up to one field experience per quarter that supports the learning targets. Interdisciplinary field experiences are encouraged.

Community-building experiences: Team teachers may choose one community building trip per year, such as a camping trip or team-building excursion.

Criteria for field studies and community building trips:
• Students must have a signed permission slip and fees turned in
• Students should not be excluded if they cannot afford the trip
• Students should not be excluded due to grades or behavior, unless the student is suspended

• For overnight trips, students should be given the opportunity to help prepare for and “earn” their trip by working on planning committees or tasks groups (food prep or games committee)

Notification:The principal, the health office, lunch services must be notified of who is attending the field trip at least 3 days prior to the trip. A list of student names should be provided.

Calendar: Make sure the trip is on the school google calendar. All field trips should not be scheduled on days that interfere with other school events; please check with your entire team (core and specialists), the principal, and the school calendar before booking a trip.

Obligations or commitments: Students who are on a field trip are still responsible for any obligations they may miss, such as homework or quizzes for a missed class.

Forms: The organizer of the field trip must have prior permission from administration and parents to go on any field trips including walking field trips. The permission form must also state what lessons the field trip applies to. Please use Ramsey’s field trip permission slip.
Note: OVERNIGHT TRIPS REQUIRE USING DISTRICT FORMS that require the associate superintendent to sign off, so these forms should be completed 2-3 months ahead of time.

Money: Money for field trips must be collected and turned in to the office 2 weeks prior to the field trip. If payment is needed for admission, etc., please submit a request form along with documentation to the account clerk at least 2 weeks prior to the field trip. Please have all vendors send in an invoice for field trip at least 3 weeks before field trip date to make sure we have proper time to process invoices.

Chaperoning: Each trip should have an adult to student ratio of <15:1. Parents interested in chaperoning the trip need to be approved by the field trip organizer. Overnight trips should have an 8:1 ratio. Chaperones who will be alone with students need to have a background check 2-3 months prior to the trip. The cost of the background check is $5; please add this cost into the cost of the field trip.

Scholarships: Each field trip permission slip should have a place for optional scholarship donations so we can build our scholarship fund for field trips. Full and partial scholarships are available for field trips due to family hardship. Students should communicate this hardship to office or trip planners. Trip planners should also call home when the money hasn’t come in to see it is due to financial hardship. HHM and Indian Ed can get funds from those offices-requests must be made in advance through the SSW.

Buses: The team leaders will order field trip buses, and forms can be obtained from the secretary. Please order well in advance to ensure buses are available. (Buses can be reserved up to two months in advance.)


• Provide the main office an updated, accurate list of all students and staff participating in the event at least 3 days prior to the event as well as the morning of the event.
• Attendance needs to be taken on the trip and recorded on Discovery.
• Any students who are staying back need a specific plan for where they will be on a list in the main office.
• Post the event on the school google calendar.
• Take a cell phone on field trips.
• Contact the Health Office for a field trip first aid kit the day before the field trip.
• The first aid kit will contain a copy of the Medical Emergency Flip chart as well as first aid supplies.
• Provide the health office with a list of students who are attending. Let the Health Office know if any students will be needing medications on the field trip. Students with asthma may carry their own inhalers. One adult should be responsible for giving oral meds to students who take them during the school day. This person who is responsible for medication should check in with the health office the day before the trip for any specific instructions.
• If going on overnight field trips, make sure parent /guardian signs a permit for any medication to be taken (ON DISTRICT FORM) that is not taken in school. Medication should be in a bottle labeled with the student’s name and instructions for giving the medication. One adult should be responsible for dispensing medication.
• You must inform the school food service manager that you will be taking students on a field trip and if they will, or will not, need lunches provided for that day.