Future City Competition

Last Saturday, January 21, Ramsey Middle School, and indeed MPS, were represented by three teams of our 8th graders at this year's State of Minnesota Future City Competition. Each of our three teams worked hard over Semester 1 to get there, and each were fantastic ambassadors for our school and our district. While this year none of our teams moved on to the finals for a shot at the National Competition, we did win three of the 16 special awards for which we were eligible. This is out of 47 teams present at this year's competition. While it is nice to win, the journey ultimately is more important than the destination, and our students made us proud. They each even managed to learn quite a bit about engineering, city planning, teamwork, public speaking, and formal writing.

If you see or know any of these students, give them a congratulatory high five.

Team Bonumorbis: Henry B., Charlie B.#*, August B.*, and Ben K.#*

Team Hallowed Place: Faruk B.#*, Will M.#*, Alex P., and Asher T.*

Team Shadows of Wisdom: Alex C.#, Fred H.*, Isaiah L., Josh M.#*, and Ryan M.*

# = Team Leader
* = Competition Presenter