Course Information

MyMPS (Course Title: ELL Elective 2017)

English Language Services Syllabus – Ramsey Middle School

Course Description: This is a multi-leveled class of students with varying English proficiencies. It is designed to allow students to grow their English skills at a pace that best fits their learning style and needs. The structure and direction of the class varies year to year depending on student needs.

Goal: To facilitate language learners' English development through direct instruction, collaboration with content teachers, and communication with parents.

Achievement: Students are required to demonstrate progress and growth on the annual WIDA test.  We will work to grow students’ abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Classroom Support: All language learners have level-appropriate contact time with their ESL teacher, in content classes and/or direct instruction.

Focus: We align our class with grade-level standards and content material as appropriate to help foster academic language and achievement in English.

Skills:  To support communication and learning in all content areas, language learners work to develop their skills in vocabulary, literacy, and critical thinking. It is the research-informed opinion of our district that this learning is just as valid in a self-contained language learning classroom or in the student's content classroom. A brief description of each of the four language domains--listening, speaking, reading, and writing--are below.



Listening: Students will listen to English from peers, their teachers and other media sources (ex: news broadcasts, social conversation, etc.). They will also gain great exposure to English by listening to their friends. The focus of these listening activities is enhancing comprehension of oral English language.

Speaking: Students will practice speaking by conversing with one another in an academic setting. This could be in class discussions, group work, or presentations.

Reading: Students will be reading a variety of texts, including short stories, poetry, news articles, literature, and nonfiction.  Students will work on reading comprehension and building reading literacy and fluency.

Writing: Students will write daily.  Students will write personal narratives, descriptions, reports, poems, and reflections based on what they have read and their learning.  They will also have the opportunity to create their own works of creative fiction and nonfiction.

Technology: Students will be using My MPS to access coursework using our 1:1 iPad program.  Other media content will also be used based on our 1:1 iPad program.