At Ramsey Middle School, students have the opportunity to use iPads as part of their cousework. In September, we will begin to teach students about appropriate iPad usage, charging, transporting safely, and looking up appropriate, educational content. Students will have to accomplish tasks to prove that they can use it appropriately and will begin to take iPads home sometime in October. These tasks will be related to how they will use the iPad, such as using looking up resources, annotating and turning in PDFs, sharing documents with teachers, looking up grades, and preparing presentations. IPads will be collected at the end of May. More details can be found in the iPad contract, however, the following may be helpful as well:

  • If students do not have their iPad during the day, they are still responsible for the work in class and should work hard. 
  • If there is an issue with the iPad, alert a teacher/advisor to write an e-ticket.
  • If the iPad is taken away due to behavior, students may lose the privilege of bringing it home and will have to go to a retraining to restore that trust.

Replacement fees may be assessed for lost or damaged items in accordance with the District’s policy.  Replacement costs include:

  • Accidental damage incurred by the student or broken screen = $50.00
  • All damage to the case = $35.00. 
  • All damage to the provided iPad wall charger  = $20.00 for each part (cord and brick), or $40 total.    
  • iPad = $500. iPads that have been intentionally damaged by the student will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Ramsey Middle School will not under any circumstances accept replacement cords, bricks or cases in lieu of the replacement cost.


Most Ramsey teachers use MyMPS to post lessons, work, rubrics, etc…Students and parents (via their students' account) can access this via the internet at https://mps.itslearning.com. On each class page you will be able to find information related to class content and assignments including: 

  • Learning targets
  • Class lessons and activities
  • Homework

Internet Policy and Access

The district has a very thorough internet policy. Please see http://policy.mpls.k12.mn.us/uploads/6415_Policy_2.pdf for more details.

While there is internet access at local public libraries, there are a variety of companies offering home internet. For free/reduced lunch families who qualify, Comcast offers a $10/month internet contract. Contact them at: https://internetessentials.com or 1-855-846-8376.