Intersession 2017-2018

Intersession is a time when we take a break from regular classes to study new topics. This year Intersession classes will be held before winter break on Thursday, December 21, and Friday, December 22.  You will take two or three classes that meet for a few hours each day.

A few classes are mixed grade. Most classes are for one grade level only.

It is really important that you keep an open mind as you consider each class. All of these classes have something new and exciting to teach you.

Below you will find pdf links for each grade level’s offerings. Students who missed the in-class previews can use these pdfs to preview classes.

When requesting classes, students rank their top ten choices. We do our best to place students in at least two of those choices. Students can submit requests only one time. Subsequent requests will not be considered.

Students will find out their class assignments in late December.We are always seeking volunteers to help with Intersession classes. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kate Goeddeke at

For questions about Intersession scheduling, please contact Alison Constant at

For other Intersession-related questions, please contact Alex Fowler at