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Math Rules! #smartertogether

My name is Beth Lescenski and I am so pleased to have joined the Ramsey Middle School staff in June of 2015 as a 6th (and 7th) grade math teacher! This year is my 12th year of teaching and I earned my credentials at the Unversity of MN - Duluth. My teaching experience varies. I have taught in elementary, middle and high schools in Minneapolis and abroad in Bangkok, Thailand. I cherish my time teaching (and learning) in Thailand, it changed my life and my outlook in many ways.

I truly believe that ALL students can achieve high levels in math, regardless of where they are currently. With a growth mindset, plenty of trial and error (mistakes are a really important part of the learning process) and persistence, students will see their hard work pay off. In my class, students will not only learn math, but they will learn how their brain functions, how we learn and how to live in a growth mindset. Most of all, I really want students to love math, see its connections in our world and believe that they can be successful. Students are already smart, they come to school to learn, be challenged and help each other become smarter. has the most up-to-date information on quality math education, take some time to review what's there. Click here for their parent page. 

I'm so glad to be a part of the Ramsey community and I want to make a difference for each one of my students and their family. I hope to work together with families to see each student do their very best work. #smartertogether

I am delighted when I hear from parents and students. Email is the quickest and simplest way to get ahold of me at any time of day. 

Elizabeth Lescenski |
Teacher, Math
Ramsey Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools

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