Mathematical Instruction at Ramsey Middle School

At this week’s PTA meeting, Ramsey Middle School’s Mathematics teachers presented a hands-on session to help parents understand some of the complexities of Mathematical instruction at Ramsey.

Ramsey offers various pathways for students in math, including options for students at grade level, for students needing additional support, and acceleration for students who are beyond grade level in math. Our structure was developed based on research and student performance in conjunction with the district Mathematics and Talent Development departments.
As a growing school we will continue to refine our programming and to make our criteria and timelines for student placement clear. Our goal is for all students to experience an appropriate level of academic challenge in mathematics. This goal is met in a variety of ways, including:
  • Course placement,
  • Presenting students with tasks with multiple entry points to stimulate mathematical thinking and growth,
  • Encouraging multiple strategies and tools to solve problems, and
  • Using real world situations to understand math.
If you attended the meeting, or if you have questions about mathematical instruction at Ramsey, please fill out this survey. We will do our best to update the web page with answers to common questions in a timely manner.