MCA Testing

Ramsey Middle School students will be taking the reading, math, and science MCA tests during their ELA, Math, and Science classes starting the week of Monday, March 16:

  • March 16-20: Constant, Miller, and VanDerWerf's Intermediate Algebra
  • April 13-17: Bauck and Wender
  • April 20-25: Bauck and Marr
  • April 27-May 1: Janicek, Ismail, and Krasean’s Intermediate Algebra
  • May 4-8: Halvorson, VanDerWerf, Krasean, and Janicek’s Geometry
  • May 11-12: Schultz and Fowler
To support your children during this time, ensure that they are well rested and fed a healthy breakfast. Also, just asking them about the test shows them that there is a heightened level of attention given to the MCAs.