Ms. Littlefield

My name is Mandy Littlefield and I am currently a physical education teacher here at Ramsey.  I graduated from Bethel College (now University), with a BA in Physical Education where I also obtained my coaching certification.  I also have my Health Licensure I received from St. Thomas University.   I have just recently completed my masters degree in Special education with an EBD Licensure from Concordia University.   I have been teaching physical education for the past 10 years and I have previously worked in youth sports prior to teaching.  I am going on my second year here at Ramsey Middle School. 

Hobbies -  I enjoy running and walking my dog. I love to do anything outdoors!  If I have to be inside I am usually baking.   However, most of my time is spent watching my three girls play basketball and soccer. 

Family My husband and I have 3 children.  Payton (15), Avery (12) and Macey (11)


Physical Education is not an organized recess.  My responsibility as a Physical Education teacher are, in my opinion, among the most important in the school.  I firmly believe all of my students are special and have a wide variety of talent and skills.  It is my mission to expose my students to a wide variety of activities,  to encourage him, or her, to discover and enhance these skills.  As a professional educator, I will present these activities in a positive and professional manner,  to maximize the students self-esteem and the self-confidence. As a result of physical education, my students will learn that physical fitness is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only now, but for the rest of their lives.
     Throughout the school year, I will treat my students with the utmost respect and courtesy.  As a result I expect to be treated in the same manner.  While I hold high expectations for my students, I do not expect each child to be the best, but I do expect them do their best.