Murals Class Power Standards

Creating Community

  • LT1: I can work collaboratively with peers.
  • LT2: I can name and describe the multiple stakeholders involved in a community mural project.
  • LT3: I can describe the impact of a mural on a community.
  • LT4: I examine my own identity as well as a collective identity.

Design, Painting, and Production

  • LT5: I can demonstrate multiple painting techniques.
  • LT6: I can help create a design that considers input and feedback from others.
  • LT7: I can develop an artist statement.
  • LT8: I can understand how murals connect to history.
  • LT9: I can plan, help and attend the mural unveiling ceremony and other mural events.
  • LT10: I can contribute to a specialty job.