RMS Math Sequence 2014-15


Ramsey Middle School is dedicated to ensuring all students are appropriately challenged. One of the ways we accomplish this in mathematics is through the offering of differentiated math classes. Placement in math courses is based on a variety measures including standardized test scores, achievement in math class, and work habits. Ramsey math teachers are committed to reviewing and making changes to each student’s placement when appropriate throughout the student’s

three years at Ramsey.

One facet of our acceleration program is placing students in classes above their grade level, e.g. placing a 7th grader in 8th grade Algebra. This results in mixed-grade classes for many of our math courses. It should be noted many other courses at Ramsey such as world languages, music, art, and STEM are also mixed-grade.

Students who are accelerated in math will be able to continue at Washburn where they leave off at Ramsey.