Ramsey Mountain Bikers

Congratulations to Ramsey Rhino mountain bikers, who just finished their Minnesota High School Cycling League season this weekend with the big state championship at Mt. Kato in Mankato!

Ramsey Rhino mountain bikers include:

7th Graders
Nico A., Tiago B.-Z., John D., Eli G.-B., Luke G., Alex H., Robinson I., Owen K., Sam S., Winona W., and Evan Z.

8th Graders
Ellis D., Sudie H., Themi M., Will M., and Neal W.

Riders rode for Washburn, Southwest or South High School (both in the middle school and high school divisions). Younger riders rode one lap, while older riders rode two laps. Each lap included over 500 feet of climbing up the face of the Mt. Kato ski slopes, followed by very technical single track complete with drops, muddy corners, rocks, roots and bridges.

The mountain bike season starts each July and runs through October. Details can be found at: http://www.minnesotamtb.org/. New riders (beginners and experienced) are always welcome.