Last Call for Ramsey Plant Sale Orders

Dear Ramsey Families,

Today is the last day to turn in plant sale forms and payment! Plant sale order forms can be found here. Feel free to share them with friends and family members. Forms and payment are due in the office by Wednesday, March 29. Please print and fill out the forms, and make sure that you include your name and a contact number. A very limited number of catalogs with all of the plants in them are available in the office. See the electronic version of the catalog for descriptions of all of the plants available. Order pick up is on Monday, May 15 from 12-6 pm. There are NO REFUNDS for plants that are not picked up.

It has been brought to our attention in years past that people would like to buy Native Grasses as part of this sale. Please know that it is too early in the season for the grasses to be available.

In addition, we have been asked about the use of neonicotinoids. Here is the statement from Gertens in regards to that: "Gertens is very aware of issues and questions concerning the use of neonicotinoids and other insecticides. Gertens refrains from using neonics on any bedding plants grown in six count packs, veggies, and culinary herbs. Also the seed sources from which our plants come from are neonic free. We do selectively apply neonicotinoids to some larger planters, hanging baskets and 4.3/4 in. potted annuals. This selection process is based upon certain plants having particular vulnerability to specific pests and/or terminal plant diseases spread by those pests. If necessary, we try to apply early in the plant growth cycle which reduces total amount of product used and environmental impact later once the plants are moved outdoors. Also there is a chance that some starter plugs that we purchase from propagators could have been treated with neonics."

Please help us make this year our most successful year ever!


Paula Huber-Williams and Melissa Waskiewicz

Plant Sale Committee Chairs