Rename Ramsey

This fall, our students started a campaign to educate the community about the life of Alexander Ramsey and engage in conversations on whether or not this namesake inspires us and reflects our current values. On December 6, the Ramsey Site Council voted unanimously to continue to explore and engage students in conversations around renaming Alexander Ramsey Middle School.

Attendees at our Community Voices event December 1 overwhelmingly supported exploring a new name and now we are requesting name suggestions from our students and the broader Ramsey community. Do you have an idea for a name for our Middle School? Print out the recommendation form, fill it out and submit it to Paul Sommers ( or Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl ( by January 17! Share with your neighbors, alumni and RMS friends!

If you don’t have a name idea but would like to support this effort in other ways (like phone-calls, getting estimates for a new sign or helping students run a bake sale or other type of fundraiser), please don’t hesitate to contact Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl or Paul Sommers.

We are currently forming a committee of students, parents, staff, historians and community members (let us know if you are interested!) to meet at the end of January to narrow down the submissions and further research our best options. In March, Site Council will vote again on the final 1-3 name suggestions and, if approved, the campaign for a new name goes to the MPS Superintendent and School Board.

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More information to come!