Rename Ramsey

Ramsey’s student-led renaming campaign continues to progress and gain support. This month we are asking all RMS students to submit a name idea for our school as part of a lesson in either their Social Studies or ELA classes. We also sent nomination forms to feeder schools, partnering organizations and nearby neighborhood offices. Have an idea for a new name? Fill out a nomination form here: New Name Nomination Form

Additionally, 6th graders are surveying the community about the importance of a school name, knowledge about the life Alexander Ramsey and an interest in renaming. Currently, around 75% of 6th and 7th graders want to rename the school, 15% are undecided and 10% are against. We will have more survey data soon!
A cost spreadsheet for the renaming is here: Rename Costs. If we replace the lettering on our existing signs, do a new logo and subsidized T-shirts for all students the total cost would be $3847. If we get a new fancy electric sign out front, replace the metal lettering on the side of the building, get a new logo and a t-shirt for each student the total cost would be $17,995. We have multiple grants and fundraisers underway to help meet these costs.
Our rough draft of timeline for the renaming is below:
January: Students, staff, community can suggest possible naming nominations. Students in all grade levels will be researching possible names and doing a cost analysis.
Friday, January 27: A panel of students, staff, and community members will be invited to research nominations and reduce possibilities to 4-6. Please contact Miss Elissa or Paul Sommers if you would like to participate.
Early February: Finalists are presented to RMS student body to winnow possible selections to 3; fundraising continues.
February - Early March: Site council hosts a community gathering to get input on rename and possibilities.
March: Site council makes a decision about whether or not to rename, if a decision is made to rename - the documentation is sent to the superintendent by April 1.
April: Superintendent reviews recommendation; if approved, it is sent to School Board
May: School board discusses proposals
June: School board makes decision