Welcome to the Rhino Report Newscasts!

Each week there is not a print editon of the Rhino Report, we put together a 3- 5 minute newscast that is then broadcast to RMS students via Friday Advisory. Here you will find current broadcasts as well as an archive of past broadcasts.

NOTE: You will need a Minneapolis Public Schools login to view the Rhino Report Broadcasts.

Thank you for watching!

Rhino Report Broadcast 1.8.16 - Brought to you by the Rhino Report 8th graders (Produced by Nora Grant)

Rhino Report Broadcast 2.1.16 - Brought to you by the Rhino Report Staff (Produced by Nora Grant, co-produced by Yazzmine Zaccardi)

Corn on the Combo 1 (video by Chloe Bitney)

Corn on the Combo 2 (video by Chloe Bitney)