What does Fall mean? Back to school, cooler days, autumn colors, and



Southwest, Washburn, Blake, and Edina have official teams, but anyone in grades 7-12 from any school is eligible to sail with us. If you don’t have a schoolmate to sail with, we will pair you with another sailor. 

Practice will start Aug 25. Thereafter we will meet Tue, Wed, Thurs from 4-6:30. The season will end on October 24th.

Registration is online on our website, lakecalhoun.org. The cost is $365. You do not need to register with your school or pay any fees to them.

What to bring: a life jacket is essential. Since September is usually mild, shorts and t-shirts are usually adequate. Sailing gloves and boots make sailing more comfortable. As weather crows chilly, fleece jackets, windbreakers, and pants or tights are advisable.

The sailors are divided into Varsity and JV based on their experience level. There are two levels of regattas: The conference regattas that are open to Varsity and JV. Travel regattas (in Chicago and Milwaukee among others) are for the Varsity.


Below is the conference schedule: 

#1 - 9/12 - Lake Calhoun Sailing School

#2 - 9/19 - St Croix Sailing School

#3 - 9/26 - Wayzata Community Sailing Center

#4 - 10/3 - White Bear Sailing School

#5 - 10/10 - Wayzata Community Sailing Center

#6 - 10/24 - Lake Minnetonka Sailing School


Hope to see you soon!