Below please find a PDF of the Science 8 course syllabus.


The long-term learning targets for 8th grade science are listed below.  Students will be assessed on each of these targets.

Semester 1 Learning Targets

1.     I can select and appropriately use lab equipment, maps, and mathematical tools. 

2.     I can describe the structure and composition of Earth’s atmosphere

3.     I can describe the relationship between air pressure and wind.

4.     I can explain how energy transfer drives the process of convection

5.     I can explain how energy transfer by radiation heats the Earth. 

6.     I can explain how heat transfers by conduction

7.     I can describe what happens to water in the air

8.     I can construct a model of the water cycle to show how water moves on planet Earth. 

9.     I can specify the factors that affect a region’s climate and explain how Earth’s climate changes over time. 

10. I can describe the structure of Earth’s interior

11. I can explain the theory of plate tectonics

12. I can effectively use academic habits in science class.