Student Drop Off and Pick Up

This is a reminder that the student drop off and pick up is on the 49th Street side. This is meant to be "airport" style where you just drop or pick up your student. Students can then enter and will be dismissed through Door 7. The door is unlocked at 8:10am. If you are picking your student up before the end of the school day, you should park in the 50th Street lot and come in to Ramsey to sign your student out.

Whenever you need to come in to Ramsey in the morning, you may enter the parking lot on 50th Street, but you must park your car and walk into Ramsey.

The congestion in the parking lot has made it an unsafe area for our students and staff. We have students and staff who walk or ride their bike to school and with all of the cars in the lot they cannot be seen by the drivers.

We will be monitoring the parking lot starting tomorrow, September 8, so please plan your route if you drop your student off or pick him/her up at school.

Thank you for your help in making Ramsey a safe place!