Students and Civic Engagement

The Social Studies teachers at Ramsey are excited to involve you in the election process this year. We are encouraging your student to ask a lot of questions and involve you in their learning during this important political season. We place high value on your students having multiple perspectives on the issues and would like you to be a part of this learning experience. This election offers an excellent opportunity to remember our Mission Statement, providing an environment that “empowers each learner to explore possibilities, act with integrity, and create positive change within one's community and the world.”

There are many issues that are being raised during this election, and each person has different priorities that are important to them. Some of important issues include health care, taxes, immigration, safety of US/terrorism, the economy and jobs, future Supreme Court nominees, the national debt and entitlement programs, and many more. This has been a very volatile election, with candidates calling into question the competency, integrity and honesty of his/her challengers. An interesting website that has been developed to help people see which candidate best represents his/her interests is:

We understand that a person’s vote is private matter, yet we also encourage you to talk with your student about the responsibilities of being an informed and an engaged member of our community. Some questions that you might consider talking about with your child are:

  • What are the issues that are most important to you?
  • How do you stay informed?
  • What types of sources do you look at (newspapers, websites, youtube)?
  • What sources do you find most accurate or trust the most? Why?
  • How do you make decisions knowing there is much bias in the media?

Thanks for the many ways you support your student's education! And thanks for sharing your child with us at Ramsey! Please do not hesitate to send us comments, ideas, questions that can help develop civically-engaged learners. – Ramsey Social Studies Teachers