TKAM ch. 15 worthy adjectives:  choose from these words to do your ch. 15 character analysis.

amiable:  friendly and pleasant

biased:  unfairly prejudiced for or against someone

combative:  ready or eager to fight

concerned:  worried, troubled or anxious

confident:  feeling or showing certainty about something; self-assured

fearless:  without fear

headstrong:  stubborn; obstinate

hesitant:  reluctant, tentative; slow in acting or speaking

honorable:  respectful; concerned about what is right

impulsive: acts on sudden impulses or desires

merciful:  treating people with kindness and forgiveness

mysterious:  unknown but interesting; difficult to understand, explain or identify

naïve:  showing lack of experience, wisdom or judgment

reckless:  wild, impulsive, out of control

self-assured:  confident

thoughtful:  acting with lots of thought; showing concern for the needs or feelings of others

timid:  lacking courage or confidence

unscrupulous: acting without morals; not honest or fair