Typical School Day

Beginning of the Day

At 9:15, students may enter the school via Door 7 on 49th Street or the main entrance on Nicollet Avenue and go to the cafeteria. Breakfast is served at that time.

Students coming in to meet with teachers before school should have passes indicating the teacher and date. If there is a need to meet before 9:15, arrangements should be made with a staff member, who will meet the student at Door 1 (49th Street parking lot) at the appropriate time.

At 9:20, students go to lockers and get all materials, which will be in a binder. Classes begin promptly at 9:30. Students arriving after 9:30 will need to buzz in with a parent at Door 1 (49th Street parking lot), and check in at the main office to receive a pass. See Arrival and Dismissal for more information.


At 9:30, students start their day in small advisory classes where they build community, academic and organizational skills, and social emotional learning through the Circle of Power and Respect, Top 20 Strategies, AVID, and 2nd Step. Their advisor is their main adult advocate for the school year at JPMS.

Core Courses

All students take the following: math, science, English language arts (ELA), and social studies.  

  • Math classes at Justice Page Middle School include Math 6, Math 7, Algebra 8, Telescoped Math 7/Algebra 8, Telescoped Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Geometry
  • Science includes Physics and Engineering (6th), Life Science and Chemistry (7th), and Earth and Space Science (8th)
  • ELA teaches critical thinking through reading, writing, speaking, and listening using a variety of texts
  • Social Studies include Minnesota Studies (6th), US Studies (7th) and Global Studies (8th)

PE is also required for all grades, and it taught for a full year, every other day. A semester of every-other-day Health is required for all 7th and 8th grade students.


In May of every year, students request a variety of semester- and year-long courses. Electives are taught every other day, so students have the possibility of having four elective classes. Courses include Arabic, Spanish, African-American Literature, History Day, Latino-American History and Culture, Art, Art Elective, AVID, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Music Exploration, Advanced Fitness, and Future City. In addition to these offerings, we also offer Focus Math at this time. This class will support students by offering meaningful and differentiated support in math skills not previously mastered, as well as offering support for the math skills that students are studying in their regular math course.


Students will have lunch with their own grade level either before, during or after 4th period. Times for each grade are available on the school bell schedule. After lunch, students go outside to move around.


Staying in class is very important. Passes will be limited for emergency use only. There will be no passes issued the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of every hour.

End of the Day

School ends at 4:00. Students must leave the building by 4:10 pm as there is no supervision of the students at this time, unless they have signed up for after-school activities or are meeting with a teacher. (Please see sections on after-school activities and athletics for more information.)