Updated Ramsey Visitor Policy

Ramsey has a new visitor policy in place during school hours, 8:30 am to 3:45 pm:

  1. Buzz in at door 1
    • Secretary States: "Welcome to Ramsey, how can I help you?"
    • Identify yourself and state your purpose over the speaker.
    • Proceed to the main office
  2. Report to the main office
    • Sign in on the pink sheet.
    • Turn in your license/ID or keys and pick up a neon visitor's badge to wear in a visible location on your shirt (all visitors without a badge will be asked to report back to the main office). If you do not have an ID or keys, your party must meet you in the main office and escort you to your location (you must still wear a visitor's badge)

Check-Out Procedures

  1. Return to main office and sign out
  2. Remove and return visitor's badge
  3. Collect keys or ID

Alumni/Previous Students:

  1. You must have an appointment prior to arrival
  2. Your appointment must be after school hours
  3. The teacher you are meeting with must meet you in the main office.