Volunteers Needed

8th Grade End-of-Middle-School Planning

The end of the year is drawing close and soon we will be saying goodbye to our 8th grade class. A committee is forming to plan and/or execute the various year-end activities and events celebrating our 8th graders. An initial planning meeting was held on Tuesday, February 23. If you were unable to attend, but interested in being involved, please contact Angel Paulson. Please consider lending a hand as these festivities require a lot of fundraising and volunteers—any and all help will be appreciated.


Media Center

Help keep the media center well organized. Our goal is to have volunteers 5 days per week. Sign up for whatever dates work for you and in the notes column, please write what time you will be coming. Volunteering can be done as a single volunteer, or two people can come together, double the fun! Instructions for volunteering and volunteer sign-up can be found here.. Thanks for helping in the Ramsey Media Center!