Wanted: Gift Cards, Snacks, and Deodorant

Ramsey's social workers are launching a gift card and snack drive to help students and families.

Gift cards help struggling families with the holidays and beyond. We would love to have gift cards on hand, to distribute where help is most needed. In particular, gift cards from the following stores would be most useful: Cub, Walmart, Super America, and Target. Cards in any amount are welcome!

And, our social workers frequently provide snacks to students who are hungry throughout the day. Boxes of granola bars or packages of single-serving packets of goldfish crackers would be greatly appreciated!

Also, our social workers have asked for donations of men’s and women’s deodorant, as some of our students could really use this item.

If you have gift cards, snacks, or deodorant you'd like to donate to this cause, please drop them off with Cassie Zonnefeld, in the main office.