Winter Conferences This Week

Winter Conferences are Friday, February 17 from 8 am to noon. Thursday, February 16 conferences are reserved and scheduled in advance by the teams. This is NOT a drop-in day; teams are determining students/families they feel have the highest need (behavior and academic concerns) and will meet with those families at that time. If you are not scheduled Thursday evening, please either arrange an alternate time with your child's teachers, or come to the Friday drop-ins!
Friday, February 17, all families are invited to our drop-in conferences from 8 am to 12 noon. Drop-in means that you do not need to schedule in advance: you come by anytime between 8 and noon to meet with your child's teachers. If you are not available for Friday drop-ins, contact your child’s teachers and they will arrange a time to meet with you!
For Friday, grade-level teams will be organized together, with electives in the media center. This is where they will be located:
8th Grade
Constant/Jacques/Schultz/Knee: Room 305
Koupal/Miller/Wender/Janicek: Room 304
7th Grade
Burnett/Holland/Peterson/Kroger: Room 132
Olsen/Fowler/Nutter/Novak: Room 129
6th Grade
Bauck/Halbach/Gawronski/Krasean/Lescenski: Room 115
Noriega/Sommers/Marr/Halverson: Room 114
Elective class teachers will be in the media center (2nd floor)
Thank you for your flexibility and will look forward to meeting with you!