Natural Systems (Quarter 1)

1.      I can identify parts of an ecosystem.

2.      I can trace the flow of matter in an ecosystem.

3.      I can describe where energy is changed & stored in a food web

4.      I can analyze the effect of biotic & abiotic factors on the number of organisms in a MN ecosystem.

5.      I can describe the impact of human activities on an ecosystem.


Diversity (Quarter 1 & 2)

6.      I can explain why some organisms are more likely to survive & have offspring.

7.      I can explain the relationships between the characteristics of an organism and its genes

8.      I can explain the relationships between the characteristics of an organism and the environment

9.      I can use the features of several organisms to hypothesize how closely the organisms are related.


Physical Properties of Matter (Quarter 2)

10.   I can use appropriate safety procedures, tools, & measurements. 

11.   I can classify substances based on their physical properties.

12.   I can explain physical changes in matter using the particle model.


Mixtures and Solutions (Quarter 3)

13.      I can distinguish a mixture from a pure substance by comparing physical properties.

14.      I can plan and conduct a controlled experiment.

15.  .  I can create a scientific explanation from the data.


Elements, Compounds & Chemical Reactions (Quarter 3)

16.      I can explain the Atomic Theory of Matter

17.       I can distinguish physical and chemical changes to matter.

18.      I can describe the chemical and physical properties of acids.

19.      I can explain the Law of Conservation of Mass using the Particle Model of Matter.


Structure and Function of Living Systems (Quarter 4)

20.      I can explain how cell structure is related to its function.

21.      I can describe interactions between organ systems in

         a multicellular organism.

22.   I can describe how microbes are harmful and helpful.

23.   I can explain how the immune system protects humans from


24.  I can describe how humans prevent and treat infectious disease