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Middle School
Grades 6-8
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1 W. 49th St.
Minneapolis 55419
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8:45a - 3:15p
Monday - Friday


Justice Page Middle School is a comprehensive middle school that challenges students' creativity and analytical thinking through inquiry-based and project-based learning with integration across the academic disciplines.

  • Inquiry-Based - Through exposure to important and relevant content anchored in academic standards, students develop and explore questions that lead them to solve real-world problems.
    • Example: Students analyze several paintings that depict the armed engagement on Boston Common between the British and colonists and develop questions about what really happened. After researching the event, the students then choose a painting they believe to be the most accurate.
  • Project-Based - Students create projects or products that represent their understanding of challenging content and provide solutions to relevant, real-world problems.
    • Example: In studying the causes of erosion along a popular section of the Mississippi river, students utilize the engineering design process to design a path that allows hikers to climb down from the top of the hill to the river bank without damaging the hillside. 
  • Integration across the academic disciplines - Students study challenging, real-world problems through integration of two or more content disciplines.
    • Example: Students studying bridge design in science class focus on evaluating the options for a new Stillwater bridge. They also analyze community reactions and the public policy challenges to a new bridge. Based on their analysis, students prepare a report that recommends one design and a strategy toward gaining public support and getting the bill funded by Congress.
  • Using the arts to deliver challenging curriculum - The arts provide a unique window for students to gain content knowledge, solve problems through the creative design process and build critical skills.
    • Example: Students use content knowledge to create drawings of extinct habitats in order to demonstrate their understanding of complex environments.
  • Using STEAM to deliver challenging curriculum - Through the use of simulated global challenges, students will utilize the engineering design process, scientific inquiry, visual/performing arts, and mathematic skills (STEAM skills) to solve problems.
    • Example: As students journey through the Amazon Rain Forest they will respond to the needs of the indigenous Yanomami people and design a medicine carrier that can successfully transport malaria medicine in the hot climate and across the rugged terrain.

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1 W. 49th St.
Minneapolis 55419
Main Office 612.668.4040
Fax: 612.668.4050
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