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Expectations & Consequences

Everyone at JPS signs on to a student-created Social Contract to help guide them throughout the year. When students break this contract, we use the "Take a Break" system to help students get back on track. For more serious disruptions, there are more serious consequences (see District Policies below.) In addition to the Social Contract, there are other areas such as the lunch room that will have specific rules to follow.

Consequences/Take a Break

In class, if students break the community's Social Contract, possibly impacting everyone's learning, they will "take a break" to reflect on their actions. Each class has a designated spot in the classroom to take a break in. If students cannot get back on task, a Dean will be called to help them process and adjust their behavior.

District Policies

If you would like to know more about Minneapolis Public Schools Discipline Policy, please go to: In addition, Minneapolis Public Schools has a "Discipline Grid" to better explain the policy:

Materials in School/Classroom
  • Locks/Lockers: Students will be given a lock and a locker from their Crew leader. Locks and lockers should not be shared with anybody. If a student loses their, we ask that they contribute $5.00 to reimburse the school for the cost of a new lock.
  • Bring to Class: Students should have a writing utensil (pen/pencil), something upon which to write (paper/notebook), and their planner. All these materials should be in a 3-ring binder. Students should bring their 3-ring binder to every class.
  • Do Not Bring To Class: Things that should be stored in your locker and not seen in class are:
    • Backpacks & outdoor clothing such as jackets.
    • Cell phones: Your phone is your responsibility if you choose to bring it to school. Cell phones must be stored in lockers during the school day, including passing time, lunch, and movement. If you have a cell phone out during the school day, the following will happen:
      • First offense: Phone will be taken by a staff member and brought to the Dean. Student will receive the phone at the end of the day.
      • If this is a repeat behavior, Deans will work with students, families and Administrators for the appropriate follow-through.
    • Other personal electronic devices.
    • Anything that may distract from learning.
    • Fidgets/Spinners will not be permitted in classrooms.
  • NEVER bring to school
    • Weapons, including look-alike weapons.
    • Gang/drug related clothing.
    • Money, unless it is for a school activity.

A dress code helps set the academic tone of the school. Administration reserves the right to determine what is appropriate for school. Students whose clothing does not meet the dress code will be required to change clothing. 

  • Hats and hoods are allowed unless they become a distraction.
  • Shirts must cover armpit to armpit (strapless shirts, tank tops, and dresses are permitted). 
  • Shirt must cover below the bellybutton. Only skin below the bellybutton should be visible.
  • Pants and shorts need to be secured at the waist.
  • No undergarments or bottoms are to be visible.
  • Shoes MUST be worn (safety concern).
  • Clothing must not contain offensive images or language including profanity, hate speech, pornography, alcohol, tobacco/drug use or paraphernalia, weapons, or violence.

Students will be given the opportunity to change or borrow clothes (from a friend or from the school) if dressed inappropriately. Student refusal will result in removal from the building for the rest of the day.

Emergency Drills

We will follow the district recommended drill practice. We will do announced and unannounced drills in a variety of times during the school day, as well as one tornado drill. 

Lunch and Movement

Students are responsible for keeping their lunch table and area clean. They will be dismissed by the staff for movement outside when the entire table is clean. Dress for the weather. All students will go out to movement every day unless otherwise announced.


Whether it is coming and going to school daily or on a field trip or athletic bus, students are expected to follow the Minneapolis Public Schools Bus Policy:

  • School Bus Safety Rules:
    • Stay out of the "Danger Zones" outside the bus.
    • Follow driver's instructions.
    • Be on time. 
    • Always SIT DOWN.
    • Be courteous. No fighting, swearing, or yelling.
    • Keep your bus clean. Do not damage the bus. 
    • Keep your head and arms inside the bus windows.
    • No pets or dangerous objects.
  • School Bus Behavior Violation Consequences:
    • 1st Violation: Conference with the student and written warning
    • 2nd Violation: Suspension from the bus for up to three days. Students are expected to attend school and provide their own transportation.

Students will have 4 minutes between classes to transition to the next class. If a student is late, they should enter quietly and respectfully, give their pass to the teacher, and find their seat quickly. If they do not have a pass, they will be marked "tardy - unexcused".

  • Upon the 2nd tardy, students will have to conference with that teacher.
  • After the 3rd tardy, school will call the student's home.
  • For the 4th tardy, students will be required to serve lunch detention.

If a student continues to demonstrate frequent tardiness, dean/administration will review the case and the following can occur: parent conferences, reverse suspensions, ISS to make up missed work, out of school suspensions, and eventually could lead to truancy and be reported to the legal system. We believe that attendance supports academic success at Justice Page Middle School. Frequent tardies can lead to academic disengagement and impact academic success.

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