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Family Engagement

Justice Page Middle School Family Engagement Goals

Justice Page Middle School is an inclusive community committed to the success of each learner.  We pursue growth, justice and positive change while celebrating our differences, expanding our curiosity, and having fun.

Purpose:  We believe that students, families, educators, and institutions are partners in the educational process, and that all of these stakeholders should be appreciated for their individual needs, roles, and contributions.

MPS Family Involvement Standards:


Family Engagement is incorporated as a strategy to achieve any goal in the School Improvement Plan.


Everyone who works at the school strongly believes that family engagement is important to students' success and academic  achievement.


School staff use creative ways of reaching out to families who have not been involved in their children's education.


There is a strong partnership among school staff, students, families, and community members that increases students' success and  academic achievement.


The principal and site council provide active leadership in increasing the level and quality of family engagement in children's education.


The school is responsive to the needs of its families.


School staff, families, and community members work together to plan, put into action, and evaluate family engagement efforts.


Everyone who works at the school draws upon the knowledge and expertise of all families to support the school as a whole.

Justice Page Middle School Family Engagement Goals


 1.    Teachers will provide families with clear information on the school curriculum content standards, class syllabi, class schedules, programs policies and procedures.

 Family Handbook

School website

Curriculum Night

Open House

 2.    Family members are welcome in the classroom and for volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities posted in the school and on the website

 3.    Families are kept up-to-date on their children's progress through regular communication such as notes sent home, phone calls, newsletters, report cards, newsletters, and conferences.

CFS parent contact log


Conference sign up sheet

 4.    Staff actively seek and are open to feedback from families.

Parent surveys

 5.    Staff work to develop partnerships with all families, not just those who volunteer, attend meetings or are similar in culture, race, or socioeconomic background.

School events such as a cultural event

Phone log, website communication, email communication, flyers.

Family Strengths and Needs Inventory

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1 W. 49th St.
Minneapolis 55419
Main Office 612.668.4040
Fax: 612.668.4050
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