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JPS Mathematics

  • MATH 6 In Math 6, students will focus on six units. Beginning with 2-D and 3-D Geometry, students will study several kinds of measurement: perimeter, area and volume. Unit two includes the study of Rational Numbers, in which students develop meaning and skills with computations involving fractions. Unit three, More Rational Numbers, moves into computations involving decimals, percents and ratios. Unit four, Probability, is where students will gain an understanding of experimental and theoretical probabilities and the relationship between them. In unit five, students will be observing, describing, and recording changes as they analyze and search for patterns in real-world situations. Unit six, Similarity, will allow students to understand the mathematical definition of the word “similar” and use scale factors to create equivalent ratios.
  • MATH 7 Math 7 students will learn how to find the circumference and area of circles, as well as the surface area and volume of cylinders. Students will also learn how to perform operations with positive and negative numbers and how to calculate absolute values. Students will use proportional reasoning to solve real-world problems and represent proportional relationships using tables, graphs, equations, and mathematical language. Students will also work with measures of central tendency and graphical representations of data.
  • TELESCOPED MATH 7/ ALGEBRA 8 In this course, students will learn all the content in Math 7 as well as the content from the first half of the Algebra 8 course. Topics in Algebra 8 include solving equations and inequalities, slope and yintercept of a linear equation and arithmetic sequences, scatter plots, and using the Pythagorean Theorem. Students entering this course must have all 6th grade standards complete prior to starting this course.
  • ALGEBRA In Algebra, students will learn about solving equations and inequalities, identifying and utilizing the slope and y-intercept of a linear equation, making scatter plots and using a line of best fit to make predictions, solving systems of linear equations, using the Pythagorean Theorem, and expressing exponential relationships by using tables, graphs, and equations.
  • TELESCOPED ALGEBRA 8/ INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA Telescoped Algebra 8 | Intermediate Algebra is composed of eight units and is designed to follow the Telescoped Math 7 | Algebra 8 course. During this course, students will complete the last half of the 8th grade standards and all of the Intermediate Algebra Standards. The course includes a thorough review of linear relationships, an introduction to exponential and quadratic relationships, a survey of transformations and a solid study of secondary level statistics and probability. 
  • INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA Intermediate Algebra encourages and enables students to use the language, symbols and notations of mathematics, to be confident using mathematics to analyze and solve problems both in and out of school, and to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further studies in mathematics. The course includes a thorough review of linear relationships, and introduction to exponential and quadratic relationships, a survey of transformations and a solid study of secondary level statistics and probability.
  • GEOMETRY In Geometry, students will study points, lines, line segments, rays, planes, and vectors in their exploration of angles, polygons, circles, lengths, areas, and volumes. Mathematical patterns and life’s patterns will also be explored. Emphasis will be placed on congruent figures, similar figures and their ratios, and right triangle trigonometric ratios. The concept of proof will be investigated and the utility of logic will be emphasized. Algebraic skills will be used to build further understanding of the interconnectedness of mathematics.

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