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Nurse/Health Office

Health and Nutrition

Temporary, Permanent, or Changing Health Condition

It is important to notify the school of any contagious condition, such as strep throat or head lice, which your child may develop. The School Nurse and Health Assistant will be informed and will be able to take the proper measures to help protect other students. The school nurse's office can be reached at 612-668-4030.

If your child has an chronic problem such as heart condition, seizure disorder, etc. or has allergic reactions to bee stings or certain foods, please inform the School Nurse and Health Assistant so that this important information is recorded on your child's health record and we are aware of the situation. Inform us of appropriate procedures for managing any special conditions so that they can be used when working with your child.

It is important that you notify the School Nurse and Health Assistant of any changes in the health status of your child during the school year. Please send the date of any new immunizations that are given.

Emergency Cards and Plans

It is extremely important that you have an emergency plan for care of your child when you are not at home during the school day. The school does not have the personnel or facilities to provide more than temporary care.

We will first call your home if an emergency arises. If there is no answer, we then refer to your child's Student Information & Emergency Card and call the numbers listed, work and cell phone.

If no one can be reached, the school will:

  1. Care for your child at school.
  2. Call the doctor listed on the Emergency Card (if necessary).
  3. Send your child to the emergency room at Hennepin County Medical Center (if necessary).


According to Minneapolis Public Schools policy, medication will be administered at school only in exceptional cases when failure to take the prescribed medication will be detrimental to the child's health. Any medication (including over the counter medication) administered by school personnel requires a completed medication consent form signed by the physician and parent. Medications must be provided in the container given by the pharmacy and must include the student name and dosage directions. Short term medications such as antibiotics usually can be taken before and after the school day.

Health Screening

The purpose of health screening (hearing, vision, growth) is to identify students with abnormalities or with problems needing further evaluation. It is not meant to replace regular examinations or diagnosis. It is intended to be educational and can be coordinated with classroom units on health. Any student may refer himself/herself for screening or may be referred by teachers or parents. Health office personnel coordinate the initial screening and follow-up program. Students who do not pass the initial screening are screened a second time, usually by the school nurse. Parents are then notified of screening results by letter.


Minnesota state law requires full immunizations for all school children. Please send updated information to school. The Td booster and varicella immunizations are required for students entering the 7th grade. Contact your health care provider or the school Health Office for a list of required immunizations.

Breakfast & Lunch

The Food Service Department provides nutritious, well prepared foods at reasonable prices. Menus and nutrition information are available through the district home page, and also on SchoolCafé. Breakfast is available at no cost to all students. Lunch includes an entrée, milk, and up to three fruit or vegetable servings. Free or reduced price lunches are available to students who qualify. We strongly recommend that soda is not sent with lunches to school.

Prepaid Accounts

Students must prepay for their meals by bringing cash or checks to the cafeteria before school begins, or by adding money to a student's meal account online at Parents can also monitor students' account balances and purchases once an account is set up on SchoolCafé. There is no charge to use this service. Note: no change will be given for payments made via cash or check in the cafeteria.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Free and reduced-price lunches are available to students that qualify based on household income or participation in the MFIP or Food Stamp programs. Applications are mailed to households in August, are available at schools or the Nutrition Center, and can be submitted online at SchoolCafé ( Only one application should be completed per household, regardless of the number of MPS schools attended by students in the household. Eligibility notification letters are mailed to households once an application is processed.

Doctor Excuse to Not Participate in Physical Education

A written excuse, signed by the doctor, must be submitted if your child is not to participate in physical education due to illness or injury. We must also receive a written notice, signed by the doctor, when your child is allowed to participate in physical education again.

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