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Justice Page Middle School Science Course Descriptions

6th Grade Science

Sixth grade science is a focused, hands-on investigation that uses the innovation process. We will center our investigations on four units: Practice of Science and Engineering; Physical Science: Motion, Force, and Engineering; Light and Sounds Wave Energy; and Life Science: Structures and Function of Living Systems. In this 100 minute block, students will develop the investigative and collaborative skills to explore as scientists in small groups while deepening their understanding of science concepts. Students will be asked to develop the habits of mind and disciplinary literacy of scientists and engineers. Students will design investigations and solve problems that are relevant to them and their community while also integrating principles of the arts and other content areas to build connections throughout their day.

7th Grade Science 
In this inquiry-based course, students will explore life and physical science concepts. There are five major units of study: Elements, Compounds, and Chemical Reactions; Structure and Function of Living Systems; Diversity; Nature Systems; and Physical Properties of Matter. These investigations will provide meaningful opportunities for students to make connections to other disciplines including mathematics, engineering, and art. Daily lab experiences will promote the development of technology, literacy, and communication skills. Working as scientists, students in this course will conduct and design experiments, make observations, record and analyze data, and develop scientific explanations.

8th Grade Science

In eighth grade Earth Science, students will continue to develop the content knowledge, lab techniques, and communication skills necessary for success in high school science. There are three major units of study in this course: Weather and Climate; Changing Earth; and The Earth and Space. Students will explore dynamic planet Earth and its place in space through daily lab activities, critical reading activities, and the use of technology. Emphasis will be placed on designing and conducting controlled experiments, analyzing data, and forming scientific explanations.

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