Wednesday, October 9, 2019 8:50 AM

Justice Page is participating in a secondary pilot project with AMAZEworks, a St. Paul-based, nonprofit organization that works with schools to create a safe and supportive classrooms for all students.

AMAZEworks supports healthy identities, connected learning communities, and respect across differences by working at the intersections of anti-bias education theory, diversity and inclusion, and social emotional learning. We know that enabling children to feel secure in their identities and abilities and creating a sense of belonging by fostering healthy relationships with other students and teachers are key to a student’s ability to succeed.

The Secondary Curriculum:

  • Is literature- and video-based.
  • Includes lesson plans for each book with discussion questions, journal prompts, and optional follow-up activities.
  • Embeds and combines anti-bias education and social and emotional learning (SEL) skills.
  • Covers a wide range of identities and lived experiences, allowing students to see themselves reflected in classroom materials and to understand the experiences of others.
  • Can be used in an advisory, homeroom, or classroom setting.
  • Engages students to consider:
    • Who do I want to be in this world?
    • How do I want to be in this world?
    • How do I want others to see me?

These grade-specific lessons will be presented in Crew on a weekly basis.

We are proud and excited to welcome AMAZEworks to Justice Page Middle School. If you have any questions about AMAZEworks, please contact your student’s Crew Leader.