PDF Arabic Poems   --  Different Poems, She3er, on different topics
PDF Five Senses in Arabic   --  Let's see how you can identify the five senses in Arabic while identifying the body parts
PDF Body Parts   --  In this handout you will get to know all your body parts in Arabic
PDF Face Parts   --  In this handout, you get to know all your face parts in Arabic.
PDF Fruits and Vegetables Handout   --  In this handout you will be able to identify your favorite fruits and vegetables in Arabic.
PDF Colors Handout   --  In this handout you will review all the colors that we have studied in Arabic. You can use them in your descriptive paragraph.
PDF Sefaat   --  In this handout there are many orld and new adjectives that you can use in your descriptive paragraph.
PDF Damaaer   --  Pronouns handout has all the subject pronouns that you should know in Arabic.
PDF Arabic Story About the 4 Seasons   --  In this short Story, there is a brief description for each season. Read each part and at the end write a summary of two sentences on what you have understood.
PDF List of Action Verbs in Arabic   --  In class we are going to learn how to conjugate these action verbs with the subject pronouns.
PDF iPad classwork   --  Read the directions on the first page as you will choose one of the 50 states in America to read about and write about in Arabic. Look at the second page where you will see a model of the paragraph. Try to read it.
PDF Daily Routine Handouts   --  In these handouts you will see different vocabulary words you could use to describe your daily routine in Arabic.
PDF Daily Routine Handouts   --  In these handouts you will find all the fruits and the vegetables, the house rooms and the pets that you need to answer the questions about your Daily Routine.
PDF Breakfast Food   --  Food and drinks you would like to eat and drink in the morning.
PDF Family and extended Family   --  In these handouts you will find how to introduce your family and your extended family members in Arabic.
PDF Verbs - Afaal   --  In this handout there are list of verbs you could use in your daily routine activity.
PDF Time- Waqet   --  In this handout you will find how do we ask about the time in Arabic.
PDF Introducing yourself handout   --  in this handout, there are three examples and there is one handout where you can use any of the vocabulary words to describe yourself in Arabic.
PDF The Flower Text   --  This text is talking about different kinds of flowers, where they live and where we can find them.
PDF Two Verbs "Go" & "Travel"   --  In this handout there are two verbs taht you are going to study and use them in full sentences.
PDF Three Circle Poems   --  Please read two of these poems, write what you understood in English on a piece of paper. Make sure to write the tile of each poem in Arabic.
PDF Restaurant   --  There are different handouts and in each one you will find different vocabulary words that will help you go, order and describe your restaurant.
PDF Final Writing Piece in Arabic   --  In this handout, you will find a small paragraph that talks about the restaurant that you would like to go to and the restaurant that you would like to eat in.