The Archive

Below are issues of the old Ramsey Record. These are issues of the Page School newpaper from the 1940's. They are a great look into the past for not only Page, but the City of Minneapolis. 

If you happen to know any of the students from these old papers, let us know! We would love to talk to them about thier time at Page back in those days.

Intersted in the history of other Minneapolis Public Schools? Check out the Minneapolis Public Schools Historical Archive for historical information on MPS as a whole.


PDF Pioneer Staff Members Photo 1957   --  Staff that started at Ramsey in 1932.
PDF Operetta Performance at RMS 1932-1966   --  From the Journal of Historical Research in Music Education.
PDF Bryant-Anthony-Ramsey Project 1974   --  The B-A-R Project was an attempt to better desegregate/integrate South Minneapolis schools by redrawing attendance areas.
PDF Ramsey In the Year 2000   --  A special edition of the Ramsey Record from the 1970's (date unknown) in which students write about what they thought Ramsey would be like in the year 2000.
PDF Winter Program Photos 1989   --  Note at-the-time Miss America Gretchen Carlson playing violin.
PDF Tree of 1000 Leaves Photo 1995   --  From the Star Tribune