Visual Art, Mural Arts and Arts Integration at Justice Page!

Visual Arts at Justice Page Middle School
Students will further develop their creative skills in a variety of techniques and media including sculpture, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, painting and graphic design. We will apply the Elements and Principles of Art, follow the Long Term Learning Targets for the Minneapolis Public Schools and incorporate school-wide themes into our projects. Student artists will learn how to critique both their personal work and important works in Art History.

Mural Arts at Justice Page (Art Elective)
Student artists will explore how murals represent a community's identity, history and hopes for the future. As part of this class, we will create a mural for Justice Page Middle School that showcases who we are and where we are headed. This project will involve engaging collaborative and conceptual processes, examining our own cultural identities as well as further developing necessary painting and drawing skills for large-scale public art.

Arts Integration at Justice Page
Our Arts Integration Specialist collaborates with classroom teachers identifying core content standards that could be enhanced through visual, spatial kinesthetic and creative exploration. The arts lessons are designed to access and enhance a students' prior knowledge in that learning area and promote interdisciplinary connections. We use materials beyond what is available to a classroom teacher (acrylic paint, clay, sculpture) to best engage with the content. As part of the process we use the INNOVATE model of exploration, exhibit our work and reflect upon our learning.

For example, a sixth grade Math class would integrate arts into their understanding of Coordinate Grids and Scale Factor by creating a Chuck Close-style artwork. This lesson would entail enlarging a small image using a determined scale factor and grid system as well as incorporating artistic elements such as color, composition and shading.

Self Portrait by Ama K. Getting ready for the World Savvy presentations Drawing to music Bas relief celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech by Marcus R. Reading illustrated vignettes Painting done to student-composed music during an assembly Bas relief celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech by Triston P. Reading illustrated vignettes
"Art Elective" Mural Arts and Identity Syllabus

"Art Elective" Mural Arts and Identity Syllabus

6th,7th,8th grade Visual Arts Syllabus

2018/2019 Visual Art Syllabus