Becoming a Top 20 School

The Process of becoming a Top 20 school consists of our individual journeys and the collective journey of each member of Justice Page Middle School. The purpose of this blog section is to communicate the Top 20 practices and principles we want to imbed in our school community and provide personal reflections regarding our own participation in accomplishing the goals.

The strategy for becoming a Top 20 school is to implement 20 Top 20 practices, all of which are intended to achieve human development. All members of our school community need to know and be committed to implementing these strategies in order to accomplish our purpose of human development. Although this mission may never be perfectly attained, it is always intentionally sought. This focus helps us, our students, and our community to have a common language together.

"Top 20" means we are thinking, learning and communicating effectively in the best interest of others and ourselves!

Thought for the week: We all want — and need — to be safe and feel safe. When we feel safe, we're more open to learning new things. Feeling safe can go a long way at school in making it possible for everyone to reach their potential. Potential is the ability to grow and learn as much as we possibly can. When we all feel safe, potential explodes.