Transportation Boundaries, Attendance Areas & Student Placement

Attendance Area: Ramsey Middle School mirrors the Washburn High School attendance area including the following community school attendance areas: Burroughs, Lyndale, Green and Hale/Field. View the K-8 attendance map for more information.

Student Placement: Students who attend Burroughs, Green Central, or Lyndale will automatically be pathwayed/placed at Ramsey Middle School. Students who attend a magnet school or a school outside of their attendance area need to complete a request card to receive placement at Ramsey Middle School. Please call 612.668.1840 for more information about student placement.

Transportation: Review the map of the approximate transportation boundaries for Ramsey Middle School.  All MPS middle schools have a one mile walk-zone. Specific bussing information that includes bus stop and times will be mailed to families in August prior to school. Additional transportation information can be found at or by calling 612.668.2300