Budget Decisions at Justice Page
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 9:00 AM

Dear Justice Page Families,

It has been a tough week for everyone. Budget time always keeps me in my office and attached to my computer....which is definitely not my favorite. There are never easy decisions in times of budget cutting. Everything and everyone brings value to our building, students and staff.

I collected information from Site Council, ILT, and the whole staff to inform us of the priorities of the stakeholders of Justice Page.

The priorities were maintaining robust academic programming and maintaining climate supports. Some of the adjustments/cuts reflect the shorter day for next year. Others adjustments were made to make FTE alignment more efficient, such as an average of 33 students per class, and full-time positions as often as possible rather than split between multiple part-time staff.

We made balanced cuts within core, electives, and support staff.

Justice Page funds double the amount we are given for electives programming to keep options available for students.

We realigned some programming, such as incorporating literacy across content areas rather than as a separate class required for all. Also, ELA teachers will have extra time with struggling students just as math does.

Thank you for your support and commitment to Justice Page.

Erin Rathke