Calendar and Events

Please go to the calendar on the website for more updated information ( Below is a description of some of our annual events.

August Welcome Orientation

The week before school starts in August we open our doors and encourage families and students to walk through schedules, meet teachers, deliver school supplies (school supply list), reconnect with friends and get pumped for the school year. One night is dedicated to our 6th graders and another night for our 7th and 8th graders.

Family Nights

The PTA and staff plan informative/social gatherings for families to connect with each other. They occur throughout the year. Stay updated on upcoming events by reading the website and Around the Horn.

Report Cards

Final grades for each quarter are sent home via mail within a week or two from the end of the quarter. See the Parent Portal for the most up-to-date grade information.

Concerts & Musical

Ramsey shows off its musical and acting prowess in a variety of ways. Each year, we host concerts showcasing our choirs, bands, and orchestras, and also stage a musical production. Stay tuned to the website calendar for more information.  


In the winter, students and teachers take a break from regular classes to explore topics of special interest in depth. These vary from year to year, but the purpose of Intersession is to engage learners through unique, project-based, authentic learning experiences.


Beginning in March, students take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) in Reading and Math. Eighth graders will take the Science MCAs in May. Students take these tests on computers. These are un-timed, state mandated assessments which usually take most students a minimum of 3 class periods to complete. In addition to the MCAs, students will take the FAST reading and math assessments in the fall, winter, and spring to monitor their academic progress and growth. Quarterly Interim/Benchmark Assessments may also be administered in Math, ELA, and Science. Class-based assessments are also given throughout the year.