Camp St Croix FAQs

The 6th grade class will be attending Camp St. Croix again for the fifth year in a row on Monday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 17, 2017! This is a trip centered around community-building and taking healthy risks. It is a highlight of our year!

Permission slips went home with students last week. The deadline for permission slips is Friday, September 29. The fee is $150, but scholarships are available. We do not want the fee to be the reason your student doesn't attend. Please contact your student's advisory teacher with any additional questions.

Does my student have to stay overnight?
No, there is a day-only option. Your student would arrive at JPMS like normal. Then, they would meet with the teachers and other day-only students to take the bus to camp. They would ride this same bus back to school in the afternoon so that they can take their normal transportation home.

Do you sleep in tents or cabins?
We sleep in heated cabins with beds. We encourage students to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. If a sleeping bag is needed, JPMS has sleeping bags for students to borrow while at camp.

Are there adults in the cabins?
Yes. There is at least one adult (usually a JPMS staff member) in each cabin.

Do students get to choose who is in their cabin?
Yes. Students list 3 friends they would like in their cabin. 6th grade teachers will organize cabins and ensure that each student gets at least one person from their list in their cabin.

Who attends camp?
All 6th grade students, staff, and teachers!

What is the main purpose of camp?
The main purpose of camp is community building and allowing students to take healthy risks. Camp St Croix staff also conducts lessons on ecology and the environment.

What should my family do if the camp fee is too high for us at this time?
The JPMS 6th Grade Team does not what money to prevent students from attending camp. Scholarships in any amount are available for families. Please give what you can. There are also payment plans available. Please see the cover page of the permission packet for more details about payment options.

Are there flush toilets and showers?
Yes. Camp has flush toilets and showers on site.

Can my student bring their own food to camp?
No, camp does not allow outside food to be brought to camp. All meals and snacks are included in the camp fee. If your student has a specific dietary need, please speak with your student's advisor. Camp is really good at meeting various dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten-free,etc.).

Can my student bring their phone to camp?
No. Camp does not allow any technology on site. Each adult will have their cell phone with them in case of emergencies. Camp also as landlines and Wi-fi in case of emergencies.

What happens if my student needs to take medication while at camp?
If you student needs to take medicine a doctor’s note is needed as well as a completed medical form (in the permission packet). For any medications already at school, nothing extra needs to be completed. Our school nurse will organize medications. Any medication doses taken outside of normal school hours will also need a doctor’s note. Camp St Croix also has a nurse on site during the day.