Communications About Students

Parent Portal: The Parent Portal is a tool for families to stay informed and engaged in your child’s education. Updated weekly, the Parent Portal gives parents and guardians access to grades, transcripts, attendance and your child’s class schedule. Many families have found it helpful to pick a day of the week to review the portal with their students. More information and how to sign up can be found on the MPS Parent Portal page. The sign-in for Parent Portal is here:

Planners: Every hour, students should be writing homework/learning targets into each class’ box. Each night, students should check the planner to make sure they have done all of their homework, and families can check on work assigned for the day.

Email: Most teachers prefer to be contacted via email. Teacher emails can be found on JPS website under “Meet the Staff”, as well as on teachers’ web pages and directly through the Parent Portal.

Fall Orientation: Before school begins in August, Justice Page hosts a night so that students and families can meet teachers, staff, and other families. Our 6th Grade Orientation occurs the Wednesday before school starts. Our 7th and 8th Grade Open House occurs the Thursday before school starts.

Conferences: Twice a year (October and February), teachers formally meet with students and families to discuss academic progress. More information will be sent home through Crew and posted on our website. If families feel that more conferences are needed, please email your student’s teachers.

Goal Setting Conferences: In September students and Crew leaders will identify and prepare the goals together. Then the students will lead the conference while the teacher facilitates the conversation. This format enables the student to take an active role in their learning by reflecting on their strengths and areas of growth. Goal setting increases motivation, self-awareness, self-management, and decision-making skills. The goals form the foundation for reflection throughout the year and will be revisited each quarter to monitor progress.