Early Release and Goal Setting Conferences
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 7:25 AM

Tomorrow is our first early release day. We will be using the early release as our September family engagement event. We are working hard to meet with as many students and families as possible. The purpose of goal setting conferences is to do the following:

  1. Interact with all students and families.
  2. Create a positive experience with students and families.
  3. Be TEAMMATES. Create a plan together to help students achieve their goals.
  4. Break down larger goals of success in school into manageable steps.
  5. Create opportunities to have future academic check-ins.

During Crew time students have done the following steps:

  1. Identified strengths
  2. Checked the portal and analyzed grades (there may be grades at this time in the quarter)
  3. Written a plan to improve work habits
  4. Determined a goal
  5. Practiced a mock goal setting meeting

Tomorrow night you should feel like your student is leading the meeting and you may hear very little from the Crew leader. Leading this discussion helps develop essential skills that adolescents need to take responsibility for their education. Learn more about the value of student-led goal-setting meetings in this article from Education World magazine.

Drop-in Conferences are a separate event. Drop-in Conferences will be a time for families to stop by for 2-4 minutes with each teacher and get updates on grades, relationships, curriculum questions, and course progress.

Tuesday, October 16, from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday, October 17, from 8:15AM to 12:00 PM

Thank you for your partnership!

Erin Rathke